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Sign instructions

  • Please fill in the real and valid receipt address and contact information, and carefully check to ensure the smooth receipt of goods.
  • Please show your valid documents (such as ID card, driver's license, student card, etc.).
  • Please sign the courier and the delivery of the goods on the spot inspection, please check the packaging is intact, the type and quantity of goods with your order. If abnormal situation you can choose to refuse to sign, and contact with customer service.Note: the inspection of the goods only supports the inspection of packaging and appearance, and does not support the functional test of electronic products. So, you can not boot before the inspection.
  • Once you sign the item, which means that you have approved the transaction, you will not be able to refuse to receive the item.
  • If the goods are found after receipt of quality problems, please promptly to the location of the vivo after sales service center, or contact the customer service center to help you deal with.
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