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Service assurance

Service commitment


1.We in the country to set up customer service guarantee, customer service for maintenance service is reliable convenient to assist you with your machine (around the warranty in the warranty card or outlets can query and consulting our service hotline).

2.We provide a unified national consultation, for you to repair, complaints hotline service (service hotline 4006888086, Business Hours Monday to Saturday morning 9:30 to afternoon 18:00; legal holiday doesn't provide the hotline service, welcome in our official website message so that we can send you as soon as possible to help).

Service scope


1.In accordance with the national "Three Guarantees", in the "package" within the validity period of the "three packs of" the scope of the responsibility, consumers with valid invoices or purchase vouchers can enjoy free repair services for the three.

2.From the date of purchase (invoice date), the whole machine to enjoy a one-year warranty, accessories to enjoy 3 months warranty (battery, charger and other accessories). Special machine models such as the limited edition D350 version can enjoy 1 years and a half warranty period.

3.More than three packs of validity or not in the "package" of the scope of responsibility, in accordance with the actual situation in accordance with the provisions of the European standard fees charged by the three.

4.After the maintenance of the product warranty period in accordance with the provisions of the national "Three Guarantees".

5.All repaired / replaced parts are guaranteed for 3 months.

6.Digital camera to implement the national "three pack policy" (limited to the products purchased in mainland China).

Does not belong to the three packet service


1.Can not produce a valid invoice or / and other valid documents specified in the three package and this card; (according to the provisions of the three package can prove that the product is within the validity period of the three package)

2.Failure to use, maintain and maintain the product according to the requirements of the product description;

3.As a result of accidents caused by damage, abuse, unauthorized demolition repair or modification, by the non authorized repair center maintenance, into the sand, water and other people are not caused by the fault of the scope of the warranty.

4.Three Guarantees certificate type and repair or not altered the product model;

5.As a result of natural disasters, such as natural disasters, abnormal voltage and other external causes of failure.



1.In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please carefully check the accuracy of the purchase voucher to fill in, and shall not be arbitrarily changed in order to avoid the failure of the document.

2.It is recommended that you keep your products and be sure to follow the instructions of the user at all times. If you use the above requirements, you have the product can provide you with a more long-term and better quality service.

3.When the product needs to be returned to the warranty service, please pack it carefully, together with the warranty card, invoice and maintenance instructions, if necessary, please attach the camera.

4.If you do not use this product for a long time, in the important shooting work, it is recommended to use the instructions in accordance with the instructions to check and then use.

5.In the consumer warranty replacement parts are not returned to the user, to all the eu.

6.If the product warranty card and other relevant documents are in conflict with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state.

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