Good thing recommendation officer: Short track speed skating Olympic champion "Li Jianrou" recommended the Ouda headwear live camera EP7 Pro
The goddess of victory always favors those who are prepared. 18 years of hard practice and perseverance in competitive sports have made her an Olympic champion. She is Li Jianrou!

She started skating at the age of 10, was selected to the national team at 22, but was rejected by the local team, and won the Olympic gold medal at 28. Her road to the championship is full of "unyielding". She said with a smile, "Like my name, soft is hard."

Also persistent, there is ORDRO brand, has been focusing on the development and production of intelligent optical image products for 20 years, in-depth cultivation of digital cameras, head-mounted cameras and other products, products sold at home and abroad, so that the Chinese national brand recognized by the world!

Recently, Olympic champion Li Jianrou made a good recommendation for the "Ouda headwear live camera EP7 Pro". She recommended the wearable product, Ouda EP7 Pro, which is shot from the first perspective and can be shared live!

As for EP7 Pro products, it is not the first generation of Ordro head-mounted camera. Since the first generation of head-mounted camera EP3 launched in 2017, Ordro has been constantly developing and improving, until according to the market demand, the headmounted camera EP7 Pro can be remote real-time interaction and voice communication!

EP7 Pro head-mounted camera is a head-mounted camera product that can shoot 4K picture with the first perspective. It has built-in GimBal Gimbal anti-shake, which can avoid the problem of video shaking in the process of moving. With OD Live mobile APP, you can not only watch the pictures taken by EP7 Pro in real time, but also communicate with voice!

As teacher Li Jianrou said in the video, EP7 Pro can be your accompanying record officer, such as parent-child interaction in life, travel shooting, or medical, technical maintenance and other industries. It can let you release your hands at the same time, but also record time.

Ordro EP7 Pro headwear live camera, a wearable product that can record and share, was recommended by short track speed skating Olympic champion "Li Jianrou"!