"Brand new image brand new departure" Ordro brand live equipment exhibition hall officially opened

On December 12th, Ordro brand live broadcasting Equipment Exhibition Hall was officially opened in Huaqiang North core business area of Shenzhen

The store is located in Huaqiang North Baohua Building, adjacent to the landmark building Sege Square. New store, new environment, convenient transportation, will give fans and customers to experience and exchange a new experience

The new store implements the simple style of 3C digital, takes the live camera as the main keynote, and provides super clear video solutions for the live broadcast room

Not only has the industry leading optical camera equipment and live broadcast supporting equipment selection, but also provides consultation and configuration solutions for customers' live broadcast needs. Whether you live indoors or outdoors, here are the best options

Ordro brand has witnessed the development of digital imaging, optical camera in the field of video shooting has become a first-line camp. In 2016, it launched the first head-mounted camera in the industry, which is another step on the road of industry innovation. Now it can be used for live broadcasting, first-view video sharing and other scenes.

With the development of short video and live streaming, enterprises continue to usher in new breakthroughs. Sold across Asia, Europe and the United States to the world, to complete the multi-channel layout. After independent research and development iterations, has a number of mature leading product lines. All of these devices were also on display in the live show hall. Don't miss the experience

Store product overview

4K Optical camera HDR-AX60

4K Optical camera HDR-AC5

Live streaming accessories

Head-mounted Camera EP series

4K Infrared night vision camera AX10

4K Infrared night vision camera AE8

 4K Infrared night vision camera AC3 

We are looking forward to visiting our store

Store address: H1C99, 1F, Block B, Baohua Building, Huaqiang North, Futian District, Shenzhen

For more information, call 0755-83752882